Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Getting Back to "Normal"

We're almost over the virus. John is still in his BOPI position and hasn't eaten much for the last 3 days. He's been living on PediaSure and milk. Tonight, he finally at some supper.

Lauren is back to her fun little self. She spends most of the day trying to get Grammy Poe to pick her up. The rest of the day, she's fighting with Tyler over whatever toy he possesses. I'm not sure who really starts the spats between them, but they are the two that fight the most in this house. It was just exactly like that in the womb. John was still and kicked every once in a while and Lauren and Tyler were jockeying for position and punching each other.

Tyler is proving that he is Mr. Mischievous. I found him in the dishwasher playing the plates. He grabbed a spoon (a dirty spoon) and started testing out sounds on the different type of plates. He's going to be fun to watch grow up!

Austin ran at about 90 miles/hour all day long. He is making up for the few days that he was not feeling well.

All 4 are registered for preschool next year! I am excited that the triplets are going to interact more with other kids outside of the family. The preschool director and assistant are so excited. They even have a fun name for the babies, the Whiplets.
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