Sunday, February 11, 2007

Kudos to Signing Time

To my delight, this morning I found a comment from Rachel Coleman. For those of you who don't know, she is the founder of two little hands productions. They create the Signing Time video series. I had mentioned the videos in my post "Playing with Grammy Poe".

The comment was delightful in a couple of ways. One, we LOVE the Signing Time videos and two, this is the first person that has found this blog. How fun! I had to post to give them kudos and say, please visit their site and read their story. It's a great one.

We started signing time with Austin at about 6-8 months old. He picked up on it very quickly and still does about 30 signs. We also noticed that some of the first words he tried to say were those that he knew signs for. I'm also convinced that it reduced the number of tantrums. He was able to communicate to us way before he could use any words.

Now with 4 kids, it is even more fun. The triplets were 29 week preemies and we wondered what development might be delayed. We started using Signing Time around 9 months. They did exactly as their older brother. In a few weeks we started seeing them try signs. And now they sign 5-15 words. It's wonderful! They also have translated that skill into talking. At 16 months they are speaking 10-30 words each.

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