Friday, February 9, 2007

Mmmmm Messy

Why is it that the messier the food is, the more they'll eat? The little ones are still pretty good eaters and older brother is a typical toddler. His appetite is all over the board. I feel like we waste so much food with him. That's one advantage with multiples...somebody will eat what you put out there. In fact, when the trips are lined up in their chairs, they reach out for the tray beside them. Heaven knows, they don't want their sibling to get something that tastes better than what they have!

Lauren and Tyler are half monkey. They would eat a banana for each meal if I'd serve it to them. Austin used to like bananas and John has always had a take 'em or leave 'em attitude. John's favorite is applesauce.

When I get a few spare moments I'm going to try to incorporate some video. I have a few cute clips filled with lots of baby laughter to share.

Speaking of "baby"...for some reason Tyler is hooked on babies. A couple of days ago I was carrying his triplet sister, Lauren, down the stairs and he pointed and said "baaayyy--beee". I'm sure that she will inform him many times in the future that officially he's the baby of the family by one minute.

If I have the laptop, he is scurrying over to try to see the screen to see a picture of a baby. He doesn't care who's baby, he just wants to see a baby. He is very proud and excited when he spots a baby picture on my computer screen or the television screen. Very cute.

Click to listen to Tyler's phrase of the week.

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