Thursday, February 1, 2007

Notes from the Sick Bay

When you find out you are going from 1 child to 4 in one day, lots of things cross your mind. One of the things you think about is illness. What will we do when we are all sick?
Last year when the babies were little, we were very lucky. We were hermits so that the little ones would have limited exposure. We even took Austin out of preschool for the remainder of the year.

This January we have had as many sick days as well days. The photo shows a glimpse of some well time. John is practicing walking with big bro.
All six of us had the stomach flu early in the month. We got a break for a little over a week and were hit with some kind of virus that feels like the old fashioned flu. Fever, body aches, chills, sore throat...feel a little better...feel a lot worse.

Luckily, we have had my grandmother (Grammy Poe) visiting and she has been a tremendous help. She loves taking care of the kids. As mobile as they have become, if they were 100% healthy she wouldn't have gotten so many cuddles. It's a sheer miracle that she hasn't gotten it. I think she has Wonder Woman's immune system.

The good news is that we have 4 little troopers. They have been so good for being so sick. Each one has had a temp of up to 102.8. This is the sickest my husband and I have been in years, so we know how they feel. After last month we know we can handle it when we're all sick. I just hope that it doesn't happen very often.

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Robin said...

Hey Lynne,

Thanks for visiting my blog (PENSIEVE) and letting me know you did by way of comments. :)

I always like to read the first post or two when I visit a new blogger to me, and since comments weren't enabled on your first post, I'm comenting here.

Wow...HOW IN THE WORLD ARE YOU ABLE TO BLOG? I cannot imagine being able to do that when my kids were younger (they're now 14, 12 and 9, but when the youngest was born, the oldest was still four). That being said, I totally get that it's an adult outlet. A place to learn and to teach, to know you're not "alone out there".

Blogging has been a blast for me, I didn't know when I began how much I'd enjoy it; not just for the writing, but for the relationships :).

Oh......and re: this post...mommies and daddies always find "a way", sometimes it just takes longer than others :).