Thursday, April 26, 2007

100th Post

100 posts in 84 days. I guess I'm keeping up with this little blog thing. I'm not going to bore you with the 100 things about me. I'm no where near that interesting.

You won't find a BooMama or a BigMama or an Antique Mommy style here (I only aspire to be that witty). That kind of wit is in my head and sometimes comes out of my mouth when I tell a story, but my brain is a little too full these days to translate those thoughts into coherent written words.

No, here you'll find a few semi-coherent and run-on sentences grouped together to make partial paragraphs. Sometimes the grammar will be acceptable. The pictures are fun and the kids can be entertaining.

More times than not I forget some of the cutest stories. By the time I sit down to blog at night, my brain is a little mushy about all of the details. I need to start writing down notes to jog my memory. Maybe I'll call it the blog jogger or something. Never mind, that sounds too much like exercise. I digress.

These few bits and bytes of text and photos used up over the last 100 posts have made me think. I've learned some more about myself, looked at my family differently, lost a few hours of sleep, and stumbled upon some amazing people.

Coincidentally, or not, this post falls on the second anniversary of Oh, Dear God, It's Triplets?!? day at our house. Eight days prior to April 26, 2005, we were told that we were having twins. That was something we were comfortable with. We had a 14 month old at home and were doing a respectable job raising him. He was pretty well behaved and was a real joy to us. Adding another sibling was our goal...two siblings was a bonus and a blessing. Three siblings? Shock and awe. Shock and awe. Shock and awe.

To celebrate this day and the 100th post here's an abbreviated list. It's very hard to put into words what went through our minds when we were told that there were 3 little heartbeats, not 2.

These are the random thoughts that went through our heads (and out of our mouths unfiltered) two years ago today. They are mostly questions as we suddenly needed lots of answers.

In the ultrasound room

  • huh?
  • there are 3 in there?
  • are you sure?
  • where's the doctor?
  • how can this happen?
  • last week it was only 2, now it's 3?
  • what a blessing!
  • how will we do this?
  • give me the phone!
  • Lynne: "What did your mom say?" Clif: "She's surprised and overwhelmed."
  • Clif: "What did your mom say?" Lynne: "She dropped her fork and said she'd call me back."

In the waiting room after the ultrasound waiting to see the doctor

  • will all of these kids fit in a minivan?
  • what if they are all boys?
  • what if they are all girls?
  • what kind of stroller will we have to get?
  • did she really say 3? triplets?
  • God really does have a sense of humor!
  • we're going to have 4 kids!
  • will we ever sleep again?
  • did she really say triplets?
  • did you ever imagine?

In the car on the way home

  • wait! how are we going to name 3 kids?
  • what if I have to go on bed rest?
  • do you think it's all girls?
  • do you think it's all boys?
  • do you remember how to get home?
  • how are we going to send them to college?
  • there are going to be 6 of us!
  • how many diapers will we go through?
  • how much formula will we have to buy?
  • can you breastfeed triplets?
  • will we ever sleep again?
  • are you sure that they said triplets?
  • you don't think there could be 4 next time, do you?

Five months from that day we delivered 3 beautiful, very small, premature babies. And babies made six of us. They are 19 months old today. We still don't have all of the answers, but we have some.

  • 2 boys, 1 girl
  • 4 kids under 2 fit in a minivan, we later up-sized to a used conversion van
  • two strollers: triple decker, then triple runabout
  • we've used approximately 3000 diapers to date (and counting)
  • we do get to sleep
  • Neosure formula costs $16/can and for a while they consumed 1 can/day
  • our bank account is smaller
  • our hands are full
  • our hearts are exploding

This blog has evolved over the last 100 days. It is a great outlet for some creativity (limited as it may be) and a good place to connect to others that are similar and not-so-similar. Thanks to those who read on a regular basis.

Oh, more partial list. These are the posts that I've had the most fun with so far...

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Congrats on the 100th post! I am sure you would be quite interesting to post a 100 things, although I haven't even posted one yet! And WOW I can't even imagine finding out having TRIPLETS!

Oh, I finally posted about my Google trip!

P.S. Love your profile pic!


Quilao Triplets said...


Just thought I would say hello! Love the picture of the kiddos trying to fit into the cabinet....did you gasp when you first spotted them? Don't know if my heart can take the shock and horror of some of the places I find my girls or the fear I have of them falling and getting hurt. I pray that they will get through this toddler stage in one piece:)

Take care!

Jen said...


Nana said...

I did drop my fork and was in shock for sometime with my lunch friends asking what in the world I had heard on the other end of that conversation. But I knew if anyone could do it, Lynne could and what a blessing, that third heartbeat (Tyler).

tegdirb92 said...

congrats on the 100th post and on your beautiful babies!! Wow, triplets!!

Audrey McClelland said...

Wow! 100 posts! Congrats... found you through Love your blog! I have 3 under 3... no triplets... all boys - 2 1/2, 1 1/2 and 3 week. My hat of to you!! They are adorable!!
- Audrey
Check out my site!!
Pinks & Blues Girls

Anonymous said...

I have truly enjoyed the blog. (but glad there are no photos of me SICK during my visit!) My favorite blog moment so far is a tie: The Leroy Story (a Throwback Thursday) and the "wadder", he found it, hammered it, climbed on it, "it's like Sam's!" Love it and all 6 of you too!

Cathy said...

I loved reading your thoughts before, during, and after the news that you were having triplets! They were quite different from mine, lol. It's fun to see other people's reactions.

You have an adorable family!

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