Friday, April 6, 2007

Crabbiness is All Around Us

Austin was at the doctor Monday and was put on antibiotics for and ear infection. Today, the triplets went for their 18 month well visit and guess what? Three for three on the ear infections. Now we have 4 kids with ear infections. I can't even remember how many ears out of the 8. I think 7, although John was so upset the doc didn't even get to look at his second ear.

This is Tyler's 5th ear infection, Lauren's 4th, and John's 2nd. So it's off to the ENT for Tyler and if Lauren has another by September, she'll be next.

Other than the ears, the babies triplets toddlers (I'm having troubles with what to call them these days as they aren't babies any more) are doing great. They are all making their own growth curve even though John and Lauren are below the 25th percentile on almost everything.

To make the ear infection crabbiness more interesting, though, all three are working on three teeth each.

.....7 infected ears and 9 incoming teeth. Yikes!


This morning I was trying to tell Clif something, he was walking away as I said, "Clif...." He didn't hear me. Austin didn't miss a beat and said "Clif! Mommy's calling you! Come on!"

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mom2triplets04 said...

Sorry to hear about the ear infections. My two had them back in Oct. One even ruptured his ear drumb. Luckily it healed with antibiotics and his hearing is fine. Wishing you speedy recovery.