Monday, April 9, 2007

Imagination Station

Austin has us belly laughing with his imagination. He has started telling the most amazing stories and acts them out as he tells them. When he recites a list, he puts his finger in the palm of the other hand like he's making a big point in a speech. Everything has a gesture and ends in an exclamation point.

We didn't make it to church this morning because the kids are sill on the mend from their ear infections. We spent the morning at home enjoying family time. Austin came in to the living room with a flag made of part of a plastic golf club, the tube part of a turkey baster and a piece of cloth.

Austin: Look Mommy! A flag!

Mommy: Wow! That's a great job Austin. Did you make that yourself?

Austin: Yes Mommy! I maked-it myself! [he proceeds to march through the living room]

[I'm sitting at the table looking at recipes for lunch and I hear him start to recite the pledge of allegiance. I didn't even know he had any idea!]

Here's what I got him to subsequently record. . .


A couple hours before bed [just after the crazy pre-bed time hour aka witching-hour began] Austin was pretending to be the Wiggles. He'd go in the dining room and say "Hey Mommy! Here come the Wiggles!" He'd run in the living room with his new drum pad, sing 1 Wiggles song and say, "The Wiggles go bye bye!" He replayed this scene about six times. He had the triplets laughing out loud.

Fast forward to bed time. He was so hyper from the days' events and the chocolate. He was a busy guy running around. We called my Mom for Easter. He recited the pledge, wished her a happy Easter, then refused to talk. We were all six in Austin's room at the time. He decided that it was more fun to entertain his siblings at that moment than continue his conversation with Nana. Then you could see a light bulb go off. Something made him think he needed to go to Nana's house to - help her. Nana was on speaker phone and the conversation went like this...

Austin: I go to Nana's to help her!

Nana: What time should I expect you?

Austin: I drivin!

Daddy: What are you driving? Are you driving daddy's car?

Austin: No, I drive Mommy's car! I got my key! [gestures his pretend key]

Mommy: What about John, Lauren, and Tyler?

Austin: Laurnen's goin' with me! C'mon Laurnen! Yet's go to nana's house? Follow me!

Mommy: Are John and Tyler staying here or going with you?

Austin: They stay here Mommy. I going to go in my rocket ship! 'You hear it? That be fun!

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rindy said...

Just found your blog and wow...thought I was busy! You've got me beat by miles...cute kids and love your posts! will be back..

Ruby said...

Aw, that is so cute.

I bet Nana was happy too.

Jen said...

LOL I love little ones
They have lovely imaginations

Jen said...

Hi i have something for you on my blo0g please come over and get it :)

Grandparents Corner said...

Lynne, I was so thrilled to hear your son recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Did you teach it to him? How totally cute they are! Brandi's girls will be 13 in July, they were 8 when she passed away. They are such sweet little girls, just like their mommy.