Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I Smell Pepperoni Pizza

If I could somehow skip the whole potty training thing, I would be one happy camper. Just when you think they are doing so well.....

As I am cleaning up the kitchen after supper Austin says he needs to potty. He returns completely naked and says, "Mommy. Clean my leg. Don't go into the bafroom. I cleaned it up." When your 3 year old says he cleaned it up, it only means one thing; a huge mess. He had poo all the way down his leg, so change huge mess to ENORMOUS MESS.

After I cleaned his legs, he followed me all the way to the bathroom saying, "I help clean Mommy!" I walked into the bathroom to find poo all over the floor and both hand towels. I started spraying Clorox disinfecting kitchen cleaner and wiping down everything in site.

He hopped on the potty to go again and said, "I smell something".

I said, "I smell something too! It's poop. What do you smell?"

"I smell pepperoni pizza!"

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Jen said...

oh dear the fun of toilet training
lol who would have thought that was what Austin was smelling
btw I love pizza

Mommy Brain said...

LOL! I love the things that come out of toddlers' mouths. Sorry about the mess. Pizza is definately off the menu for tomorrow night.

John Kaiser said...

"If I could somehow skip the whole potty training thing, I would be one happy camper"

I whole-heartedly agree.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Luckily I cannot remember an incident like that while potty training my daughter. And will you ever be able to look at pepperoni pizza the same again?

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