Sunday, May 27, 2007

Remembering BeeWin

We've been hearing more and more about Brian's untimely passing. He made the ultimate sacrifice.

A passerby on the beach swam out to help. There were several people trying to get to him and William. This passerby made it to them while Brian was still conscious. They had a float and Brian told the man to take the float and get his son to safety. He died a hero saving his son's life.

Clif is having some difficulty letting this sink in. It is very surreal. We have seen the Internet stories, emails, and now tonight we've seen it on the local news. Last night Clif had a dream about him. He dreams frequently of his father who passed over three years ago. This dream had Brian and his father. They were at a football game, which is so appropriate for all of them.

We decided to do something that might help in some way. This afternoon I put together a quick blog and we posted the link on the Hive (the Georgia Tech fan website). Georgia Tech football is how Clif met Brian and Kimberly. Brian was really active in GT sports and on this board. He lived and breathed GT sports.

Within 8 hours after the blog was published, it surpassed 200 hits. That tells you what kind of guy Brian was. We hope to get a fund started so that people can donate to a college fund for William.

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Mir said...

Oh Lynne! I am so very sorry for your loss!!

When I was five, a rip tide caught hold of me and pulled me under. We were living in Costa Rica at the time, and my father, believe it or not a GT grad, rescued me. I can still remember the terror of that day and it took me years to go back into the ocean. God had his hand on me, as he did William.

We will keep your family and especially Kimberly and William in our prayers.

Jen said...

my prayers are with you all
especially Kimberly and William
big hugs

Mom K said...

I am very sorry for the loss of this husband and dad at such a young age. We had a funeral of a father, 45 at our church last week that lost his life at the lake after he hit his head on the dock and his son and wife had to witness it. Our prayer is that God's touch will be on this family.