Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Road Trip

We're about to embark on our third official road trip since "babies make six". They've all been to Kentucky to see my side of the family. All of Clif's family lives close to us. This time our trip is for a party. My nephew is turning 1 this weekend. The trip is about 6 hours without kids and can vary from 6.5 - 8 hours with kids.

Do you have any idea what it's like to pack and travel with 4 kids ages 3 and under?

Yep. It's some kind of feat. I feel like an airline hostess for the entire trip.

I have the rest of tonight and a few hours tomorrow night to pull this off. I would have had most of today, but we have 3 sick babies. Two of them went to the doctor today and got their little throats swabbed. They have an unnamed virus that is going around. Thank goodness it's not strep. However, last night was not fun.

Tyler had been clingy and cranky all afternoon and evening, so he went to bed really early and ahead of his siblings. That never happens! Lauren woke up crying at 9pm and with good reason. She had a 103.2 temp. It took Motrin and then Tylenol a few hours later to bring her temp down. At 3am, Tyler had 101.8. This all equals very little Mommy sleep. Daddy had a big drive today, so he got to sleep.

John started this mess last Saturday, but I blew it off to teething. So now I'm just hoping that Austin won't come down with it before we leave.

Back to the traveling thing... I've had terrible mommy brain lately, so I have list upon list of things that I need to take. We drive a big Chevy conversion van and it will be packed to the ceiling; well, almost. Actually, this will make a wonderful wordless Wednesday.

If we plan things right and get out of here just after Atlanta rush hour, we'll arrive in KY just in time to let the kinds run around like wild animals at Nana's and go to Grammy Poe's for pizza Thursday evening.

The weekend will be crazy busy trying to visit all of the relatives, get the kids haircut by Great Aunt Glenda and go to the big one-year-old bash. We'll arrive home on Sunday just in time for swimming lessons to start next Monday. There will be lots of future posts on swimming lessons for our crew. My sister-in-law has an underwater housing for her camera and is going to come take pictures after they get past the screaming portion of the lessons.

Wish us luck!

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Jen said...

safe travels

hope they get better real soon and that you are able to catch up on sleep Lynne

hope you all have a nice weekend

Mommy Brain said...

Have a safe trip! I love the wordless wednesday.

Nana said...

We are all looking forward to your visit in KY. Drive carefully and be safe.

heather said...

Havea great trip! I can totally sympathize. I just returned from a 10 hour drive (by myself, DH stayed home!) with 4 kids 4 and under and our dog. Our Chevy 12-passenger van was about to explode with all of the toddler and baby gear it takes to travel for 3 1/2 weeks. LOL We survived though, we always do. Good luck to you!!!