Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Swimming Lessons - Day 4

Today was busy. We've had one of those weeks. It's been a little stressful trying to keep a somewhat normal schedule while trying to deal with our friends' passing. I'm certain that the kids sense that something is up.

We went back to swimming lessons this morning. Tanya, our instructor, was gone for a very long break over the holiday weekend so it has been a full week since our last lesson. To our utter amazement, all 4 kids didn't lose any ground. In fact, they boys did a little better after their week break.

Lauren took a little while to get back into the groove, but once she did and was able to focus, she did a great job as well. I really think that when you take 4 siblings that are all uncertain of the water, the last one in for the day suffers a bit. She watched her 3 brothers not like having to work in the water and developed a little attitude (not that she doesn't have a little 'tude anyway).

Daddy got to go with us today and saw just how time consuming and crazy it can get. Many times this center books lessons really tight.

I'm really hoping that after this week, they'll start to get a little more comfortable getting into the pool. They don't get too upset until they know it's about to be their turn. And then they come out exhausted. They have just enough energy to get home and eat. Today John, Lauren, and Tyler slept from 1:15 until 4:45! And Austin had a quiet afternoon. That made it easy on Carol who was here with all four while we attended Brian's memorial service.

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Jen said...

how special for Daddy to be able to go too
and what a lovely long nap :)

Nana said...

Glad the lessons went well. I was a little concerned after the lapse of time since the last one. I will be watching the blog for today's report.