Friday, May 18, 2007

Swinging At Nana's

After a long trip, the kids were a bit cranky, but they got a good nap today and had a blast in Nana and Granddad's back yard. We're hoping that their early bed time this evening will make for a good birthday party tomorrow for cousin Micah.

Austin is so worn out, he crashed on the way home from the Dairy Queen at about 6pm and hasn't moved since Clif put him in bed. be 3 again.

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MommyKnows said...

They're all so cute :) Happy travels!

Jen said...

great photos

Tammy said...

Those are wonderful pictures! That porch swing photo is priceless!

Mommy Brain said...

Glad you made it safe and sound. That swing pic is just adorable.

Nana said...

Austin, John, Lauren and Tyler,
It was so much fun to have you at our house and enjoy the beautiful weather Friday afternoon with you.
xoxoxoxoxoxo Nana