Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Zoo Monkeys Followed Us Home

We took the kids to the Atlanta Zoo today. You haven't seen the zoo until the people at the zoo have treated you like an attraction. Just like every adventure, we got more looks than the animals at some exhibits.

The kids really loved it though, and everyone but John zonked out on the ride home. From supper time to bed time I would swear that we brought the monkeys home with us. It was a zoo in my house.

After supper we had to go directly to the bath. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200. And no get out of bath free card. It was work getting ravioli, banana, and peas out of their hair and off of their faces. Clif wasn't going to be home until after their bed time, so this was a solo event for mommy.

The triplets were so messy I didn't even want to carry them. I stripped them down to their diapers and walked them into my bathroom. While I was busy trying to get the three little ones into the tub, Austin, decided that he needed to poo and chose not to go the potty. He hasn't had many accidents lately, but today we slipped a little.

I was so busy trying to coral my three mobile toddlers I didn't notice Austin trying to take care of his own problem. The poo was still in the "numberwear", but instead of trying to get a wipe or toilet tissue, he used the clean towels that were neatly stacked by the tub to wrap up the slippery toddlers to clean himself. I thought that I caught him at towel number 3, but no....he had gotten poo on all 4 clean towels. Lovely. Fortunately, I had extra towels in my cabinet. One more load of laundry to do tonight.

From bath time to bed time my crazy little zoo animals were diffusing all of their pent up energy. Austin was tired from walking all day and the babies were in need of some exercise from being in the stroller all day. Craziness turned into loads of giggling fun and the babies are sleeping like logs.

If you get the chance, some see Mei Lan (Atlanta Beauty). She's the little panda bear who was born at the Atlanta Zoo late last year. If you can't come see her in person, check out her Panda Cam Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm Eastern.

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fabthemayor said...

In your household, what's an extra load of laundry??

Whitney said...

Hi Lynne,
I am way behind on checking blogs and was glad to see your VT ribbon. My husband and I both went there so the story hit too close to home for us too. I hope your friend is doing okay.

Take Care,

Anonymous said...

We are going to the zoo with our trips and the grow trips next Friday. We are going to be a scene with two sets there. Looks like you had a lot of fun.


Jen said...

pleased they enjoyed the zoo
poor you at bath time though

Anonymous said...

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