Friday, June 22, 2007

Elyse's Story - Can You Help Her?

I received an email from the triplet group that I belong to this week and then saw this info tonight on another triplet blog. This just breaks my heart. Please pray for Elyse and pass this information along.

A 4-Month Old Triplet Urgently Needs Your Help!

This is Elyse Yu. She is only 4 months old and the first born of
triplet girls. Elyse has been diagnosed with HLH disease, a rare and life-threatening blood disorder which occurs in only one in a million people.

She is currently receiving chemotherapy until a matching bone marrow donor is found. The most likely match will be from a donor of Korean decent.

Can you help save this little girl's life? MOST is encouraging all families to consider registering to become a donor today. Registration is free for Asian and other special populations from which donors are especially needed.

Visit Elyse's web site.

National Marrow Donor Program- join the registry.

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Melody said...

Oh wow, my prayers are with her parents. Awful when there is nothing one can do, such a heavy trial for an infant.