Friday, June 22, 2007

The Rascal Pulls Hair

John is turning into quite the little character. He was pulling his sister's hair tonight during supper. We had to separate them. He was pulling hard enough to make her squeal.

Later on after his bath he kept climbing on the train table and dancing around in circles. He is at that stage where every time he hears no, he giggles.

We all had a very long day. Swimming lessons as usual and then ophthalmologist appointments for all three of the triplets. For those unfamiliar with preemies, depending on how early the babies are, they should be followed for a condition called ROP (retinopathy of prematurity).

Our three were followed until they were clear of ROP and are now being followed for their increased risk of needing glasses and other muscle/alignment issues. Lauren has to be seen more often than the boys because she has a lazy eye (strabismus). I had the same as a two year old, so all three kids have a greater chance of developing it. She has been the only one to show signs up to now. Hers continues to improve, so they think she'll be able to dodge surgery.

All three have healthy eyes and as of today don't need glasses. Great news.

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