Friday, June 8, 2007

Swimming Lessons - Day 11

Austin cried harder than ever today. He didn't cry on the way in...he cried on the way out. He didn't want to get out of the water! What a turn around - 180 degrees. He did awesome today.

We have been letting him pick with sibling should go next. Today as Austin was getting out of the pool I asked Tanya if it would be ok for him to stay in with John (whom he picked). She said yes and he stayed by the stairs and cheered him on. I thought it would help John. It helped Austin more. He stayed in through Lauren and Tyler as well and when it was time to get out he threw a little fit.

What an improvement! (I never thought I'd say a fit was an improvement.) I'm hoping the babies will get there soon.

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Stacie said...

Slow progress is still progress. I remember teaching swimming to three year olds - some of them loved it right away and some took longer.

Jen said...

well done Austin Im so pleased he felt like that
praying for the triplets

FabTheMayor said...

go check out boomama - I'm orange... you should be so proud!

Mommy Brain said...

That is so exciting!