Friday, June 1, 2007

Swimming Lessons - Day 6

Austin described today to his daddy.

"I swim fast daddy. Like this!"

You should have seen his arms and legs as he tried to imitate himself in the water. His progress today was big. The entry into the pool was slow, but once he got in there he didn't cry and he was motoring around.

He still says "to infinity and beyond" (or something that sounds like that) when she tells him to do Buzz arms while floating on his back. He says it so fast you can't really understand it. I think that he thinks she'll pick him up when he's done saying it, so he says it as fast as he can.

Toddlers are great at stalling. This is becoming his specialty at bed time and now swimming lessons. The bathroom is usually involved. Today he had to go when we got there, a second time when he thought it was his turn, and a third time when he was told that it was his turn.

He was taking so much time the third trip, Tanya took Lauren first. I told him that Lauren got to get in with Alana (Tanya's daughter) first. He promptly finished, hopped down, flushed, washed his hands and headed for the pool.

It will be very interesting to see how he does after taking the weekend off. If we have time (oh, that's so funny) one of us might take Austin to the pool during nap time for the little ones.

The progress of the three amigos (John, Lauren, and Tyler) is hard for me to gauge. Tanya started teaching some new skills today, so I think they made more progress than my untrained eye could tell. They are still crying, but they are able to spend a little more time in the water before getting too tired.

When we pull in the parking lot Lauren and John are quiet, Austin is looking for a train, and Tyler says "wah wah" (water).

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Jen said...

WTG Austin!!! Well done :)