Thursday, July 5, 2007

4 Little Cookie Monsters

Tonight was one of those nights.

I went to the grocery store right after dinner tonight and the kids got crazy for daddy while I was gone. Clif's nephews are coming to visit tomorrow so I brought home some snacks to have. As an after dinner treat, I let them split an ice cream bar (or as Tyler calls them, ice cake; all ice cream is ice cake to Tyler).

The ice cake must have gotten them a little wired. They were hard to settle down tonight. We finally made it to Ikea to get our shelves and were trying to get the toys organized with their help....ha. As we were finishing I started to clean up the living room and Clif went outside to water flowers. Lauren was helping me a little and giggling, then it got quiet. You know that quiet that parents know means trouble.

I looked into the dining room playroom and saw the look from Austin. He had a bag that he was closing and took off toward the living room. Somehow one of the boys got a package of cookies off of the counter. And all three boys were having a cookie party. Lauren promptly joined in. Here are the pictures of the cookie monsters caught in the act.

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Jen said...

those biscuits sure do look tempting

Amy said...

they do look decidedly yummy (the babes as well as the cookies) :-)

and you know the white shelving unit on the left of the pics? I have the exact same one in our playroom. What excellent taste you have *grin*

hi my name is mommy said...

that is too cute. My kids are always making a mad dash for the grocery bags when I come in from shopping. They are smart little people!

nana said...

Smart grandchildren!!!
They have their Nana's sweet tooth.

Toni said...

Looks like they really enjoyed those cookies! Adorable!

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Mommy Brain said...

I can't blame them, they look delicious. I'm so glad you got your shelf! The other day I was at my IKEA and they had it in stock. I actually paused to wonder (aloud!) if you, this random woman who I know from the blog world, had finally gotten hers yet. It looks great!

Lyndy said...

Well, I must say those are the cutest cookie monsters I have ever seen.

Wishing you a blessed Sunday.