Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Blue Bopper

Tyler's favorite new word it "BOP!" Unfortunately, it comes with a smack on someones head or shoulder, or some other body part.

He has gotten so rough. He looks like he's crawled through a brier patch. Yesterday he was running and fell with a toy. That fall resulted in scratches between his eyes. Today, he fell on a toy and scratched up the side of his face. He has a bruise on is eyelid from who knows what. I'm praying that he his own special guardian angel.

Just before lunch we were all in the living room, except for Tyler. It got quiet. That means one thing when you have children. Alarm bells go off in your head. Tyler was missing from the living room crowd and came strolling in with a blue highlighter. (I had flashbacks of the Sharpie incident.) His hands and feet were blue. We were very afraid to go to the dining room where he came from.

Luckily, blue highlighter comes right off of plastic and the squishy floor mats. It does not come off of skin completely with soap, so we'll have a "smurf-looking" toddler for a day or so.

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