Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Easy Tubes

Thankfully we had a relatively uneventful morning as 2 of our 4 (Austin and Tyler) got tubes placed in their ears. The most stress was keeping Tyler out of trouble in the waiting room. He is so very busy right now. He kept going up to this little 13 month old girl, patting her on the head, smiling and saying "baby" in his flirty little voice. You never know when he'll sneak in a bop on the head, so we had to keep a very close eye on him.

They did the boys' procedures back to back. Tyler was first and by the time they got Clif from pre-op to post-op he only had a couple of minutes before the doctor came to report. Austin's surgery was a little longer since he had to have a tube left over from his first set removed before the second set was put in.

Nobody cried or carried on (including mommy and daddy). The hardest part was when they put the mask over them to get them to go to sleep. Neither of them liked it too much, but it only lasted a few seconds. They told us that the gas tastes ok, but the smell isn't appealing.

Tyler woke up in record speed, detached himself from the pulse-ox, tried to get the blood pressure cuff off, and proclaimed he was all done. Austin was a little more groggy. It took him a bit longer to wake up. He woke up and said that he was all better now and he needed shoes.

The doctor, nurses, and anesthesiologists were great and we're all home resting. I think mommy needs a nap as bad as everyone else today.

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Im sure they will make a heap of difference