Monday, July 30, 2007

A Popular Birth Date!

The end of July must be a popular time to have babies. I know 3 people that I want to wish a happy day today.

Happy Birthday Ann! Ann is my sister-in-law (Clif's brother's wife). She's the only one of the three today that I'll keep her age a little secret. And I might be off by a year or two anyway.

Happy Birthday Katie! Kati is my niece. She turns 6 today. Her mom is Clif's sister. Ann and I fought over getting her here on one of our birthdays (mine was 7/27). Ann won.

Happy Birthday Millie! Millie is 80 years young today. Congratulations. She is a mom/grandma of my friends Donna and Kim. She raised 4 wild, crazy and very successful children. I hear that they had a blast planning a parade for her. Yes, a full-fledged parade with cars, animals, people dressed up and who knows what else. I can hardly wait to see pictures and hear about it. I hope you had a great day for your surprise.

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