Saturday, August 25, 2007

But We Don't Have Any Moon Sand

Austin has loves playing with moon sand. It molds pretty well, but it doesn't stick together like play dough. Therefore, it's kind of messy. He's had 2 tubs of yellow moon sand. Both have had to be thrown out for various reasons.

We currently have no moon sand in the house.

Today, I was busy getting the triplets ready for nap. I had changed John and Tyler's diapers and Austin and Lauren were quietly playing on their newly acquired picnic table (good find from the consignment sale).

Austin came running in the living room and and this was the conversation:

Austin: Mommy! Larnen and I are playing with Moon Sand.
Me: [trying to figure out what he was talking about...'cause we don't have any of this in the house] But Austin, we don't have any moon sand!
Austin: Ummmm...[he proceeds to crawl in the chair and hide his face...this can only mean trouble]

He had asked for a hard boiled egg for lunch. Let me just say that the consistency of a hard boiled egg comes very close to moon sand. He and Lauren had spread their newly acquired moon sand all over the dining room floor and their picnic table.

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