Thursday, August 30, 2007

Where's Daddy?

Don't worry kids. You'll see him again in January.

Just kidding. Sort of. My husband has been pretty excited today as college football season '07 is officially underway tonight.

All 4 kids are already ball crazy and Austin is calling plays and tackling his little brothers. Lauren even gets in on the act.

We're officially a house divided between The University of Georgia (where I took some grad courses) and Georgia Tech (where Clif's dad graduated). To keep some peace, I decided long ago to support him and his team.

I grew up in a basketball family. We went to high school football games because my dad was the principal. Football was on tv some, but we watched basketball the majority of the time.

After almost 7 years of marriage to a die-hard, southern-to-the-core college football fan, I've learned to appreciate a good college football game (but don't tell him, ok?).

If the Yellow Jackets are at home, that's where he (and sometimes both or all of us) will be. Otherwise, he's working on permanently imprinting his cheek-prints into his big man lazy boy recliner in the basement in front of the big screen tv.

This Saturday we'll all be down there with some guests watching GT vs. Notre Dame.

We can't help remember our friend Brian, one of the biggest GT fans there ever was, during this time. I'm sure he's in heaven watching over his beloved Yellow Jackets. They aren't ranked yet, but if you listen to the talk in our house, they may surprise some people.

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