Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Off to Preschool

Tomorrow all 4 of my babies will go to preschool. Ok, so they're not babies any more! Where did the time go?

Austin will be 4 in February, so he's in the 3 year old class and John, Lauren, and Tyler will be two this month and will be in the toddler's day out class.

This is Austin's second full year. Year 1 was cut short by 3 preemie babies. The doctor urged us to keep him home so that he wouldn't bring home all kinds of crud. Last year he had a ball and I anticipate more of the same this year.

I don't know what to expect from John, Lauren, and Tyler. The preschool is at our church and they still cry for nursery (only about 5 minutes), but they had a great time for preschool open house last week. I'm sure that they're ready. I wonder if preschool is ready for this?

I will be the mom doing cartwheels down the preschool hallway. Just kidding...'er...sort of. There is a long, long list of things to do at my house that have been neglected for the past two years. I'll start on them Friday. Tomorrow, I'm hitting the nail salon to use my birthday gift certificate that was saved for this very special day.
Two years ago I couldn't have imagined this day. I was big...big...big pregnant stranded in bed 22 hours/day hoping to carry the triplets until October or November. This week two years ago was the week between hospital stays. I had two hospital stays during my pregnancy that were only about 8 days apart. Tomorrow will be fun because I didn't get to go to Austin's first day.
Look for pictures sometime tomorrow!


aunt heather said...

Hope you all have a fabulous first day! And that means you too Lynne!
Love to all.

nana said...

Can't wait to hear about the day and see pictures!