Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Preschool Update

Everyone did great!

I didn't get to talk to Austin's teacher afterwards as she was leading the class to the carpool waiting area, but he was a happy little camper. What a big boy!

The babies cried a little when we left, but got over it very quickly. When I want to pick them up John and Tyler were doing a little dance at the gate and Lauren was inside playing with baby dolls. The comments were "boy these three are smart" and "he's the analytical one". Now most of you that read this and know the triplets are assuming they're talking about John. Nope....Tyler. Hmmmm. It's funny how they are different away from Mom and Dad.

Here are some pictures. And I did some photoshop magic to add Austin in the picture from last year. Can you believe how much he's grown?

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FabTheMayor said...

Observations: (1) I should have read the entire e-mail (intently) instead of skimming. I was trying to figure out who the FIFTH kid in the picture was. I knew you only have FOUR kids, the Austin doesn't have a twin, but the fifth child looks remarkedly like Austin. (2) Yes; I, too, assumed that the analytical one was John. The teachers just don't know them yet. And (3) I love Ms. Joni.