Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Say a Little Prayer for Grandma K

My Grandma K is home resting today from a car accident yesterday.

For those of you who know her, you know that she does nothing slow or without gusto. She was on her way to mail her triplet great-grandbabies' birthday cards and didn't negotiate a stop sign in her favor. (Is that a polite enough way to say that she ran a stop sign?) Actually, she doesn't remember if she stopped and didn't see the oncoming car that hit her or if she rolled through without stopping.

Regardless of what happened she's really sore. Thankfully, there are no broken bones. According to my mother, she looks like a truck hit her in the face. She has bruised ribs, a slight concussion, and a pretty big goose-egg on her head witch turned into 2 black eyes this morning.

Please say a prayer that she will heal quickly.


Jen said...

poor Grandma K
Im praying she feels better soon
and isnt in too much trouble with the authorities

Mom said...

Lynne's Grandma K is handling this incident with a great attitude and determination as anything else that has come her way. I spent the night with her last night to wake her every few hours because of the bump to her head. At the first wake-up call, I went in prepared to ask those questions they had instructed me to ask and there she was sitting on the side of the bed waiting for me. I knew right away the questions weren't needed. Lynne has two very strong grandmothers so that just might be why she handles 4 children under 4 years with such stride. I know they are both very, very proud of her just as her Dad and I are.