Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sick Toddlers

I think we had too much birthday! Wednesday they woke up from their naps with pretty bad colds. We went to the doctor on Thursday for their 2-year appointments and by the time we got in to see the doctor, John was wheezing. He had to start breathing treatments.

By Friday morning all three babies were congested and cranky. Now all three are on breathing treatments. Thank goodness big brother and mom and dad are ok. It takes a lot of energy to keep up with three toddlers who have noses running like leaky faucets. (Oh, and the albuterol makes John hyper.)

This doesn't leave much time to post.


Aunt Heather said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon! Hope the rest of you stay healthy. Love to all.

Jen said...

praying you and Austin and daddy stay well
and that the rest of your family get better soon

Stacie said...

Feel better soon!!!