Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Please Vote For Susan - She's in the Lead!

I posted last week on Thanksgiving about a friend who has asked that we all take a couple of minutes to vote for Susan Hone. My friend and Susan have something in common that only about 100 mothers in the world have in common....Barth Syndrome.

Susan and Julie have sons who have this very rare genetic disorder. They get support and medical help from the Barth Syndrome Foundation. One of the ways they get help for their sons is an annual conference in Orlando each year. Many of the top physicians in the world attend and see the boys and present the latest research. Susan lives in Canada and it is very expensive for her family to get there.

She is now in the lead in an airline miles contest. It only takes a click to help her family get to the conference. Please take a moment to visit the contest, vote, and say a prayer for these boys.

Vote here.


Kellan said...

Hey Lynne - I did it - I voted. Thanks, Kellan

Mommy Brain said...

I'm so excited for her. I kept voting until I got to see her move up another fraction of a percent. Can't wait to hear if she wins.

Anonymous said...

Of course she'll win, publicizing her kids' misfortunes, unless she gets disqualified for cheating by arranging to have her story in the papers without permission of the contest. Disgusting.