Saturday, December 15, 2007

Busy, Busy

My blog reading list has grown quite a bit over the last 6 months. It is a very eclectic list of topics ranging from the housing/mortgage situation (my husband is in that field) to education to mommy blogs.

The mommy blogs are my recreation. I find a lot of comfort in reading how others are having some of the same crazy issues we have. The theme of this week on the mommy blogs is definitely crazy holiday madness. There are fewer posts, but they are intense. Lots of injuries, illnesses, and wild schedules.

Our house has been a little crazy this week too ending in an EGD (endoscopy) for me today. Merry Christmas to me...I have a hiatal hernia. We've been thinking that I've been having some gall bladder problems recently. I've had some discomfort that really sounded like gall bladder to the docs. An ultrasound and abdominal CT disagreed with my symptoms, so today I got to spend the morning getting my upper GI system looked at.

The procedure was easy. After the procedure I was loopy...very loopy according to Clif...from the anesthesia. That was the best nap I've had in a while. They were teasing me and said with 4 kids under age 4 I deserved a good nap. As I drifted into la la land they asked how long I'd like to be out. I asked for about 2 days. That got a big laugh.

Luckily all I have to do is take some over the counter Priolosec for a while and watch what I eat.

I got some fun pictures of the trio the other day. This was at breakfast and John insisted on wearing this Santa hat to preschool that day. The next preschool day, Lauren insisted on wearing it. Tylers big thing is taking his monkey to school.


Anonymous said...

wonderful photos
my prayers are with you Lynne

Jen at

Missy said...

Lynne, you have me beat. I had 4 kids under 4, but it only lasted four months!