Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Filled Weekend

We are intentionally trying to plan this holiday season. This is the first year that everyone is starting to get the Christmas spirit. For the triplets it's lights and Santa, but for Austin it's Jesus' birthday.

He is so cute. Every time we go to church, he says that we are going to Jesus' house. He's also enjoying the festivities, but we're glad to be teaching him the reason for the season.

This weekend we took the time to decorate and make our first visit to see Santa Claus. He visited our church during a pancake breakfast sponsored by our youth and the preschool. Luckily, he brought Mrs. Claus and a couple of elves. The kids did great until it was our turn. John and Tyler had little meltdowns. Tyler's passed quickly. John's never did. Austin hopped right up onto Santa's lap.

God Bless Elf Charlie. She tried her best with John.

This morning after church I asked Clif if he could go an afternoon without football so that we could decorate inside and out. He happily obliged and here are the outside results. Inside pictures to come later.

It was so nice in Georgia we were able to leave the front door open as we decorated. The triplets took a long winter's nap while Mommy, Daddy, and Austin got the outside decorated.

Daddy was in charge of getting lights on his tree in the front yard.

He got busted checking his Blackberry. It's Sunday and we're decorating for Christmas. Why do we need to be on the Blackberry? Oh yeah, I asked him not to watch football today. Hmmm.

Isn't this pretty? We got this Spode cookie jar as a wedding present.

We're physically up from were mentally getting ready to see the decorations. Lauren does a pre-dusk light dance.

Daddy's tree. What exactly is this? Maybe he was looking up a lighting diagram on his Blackberry.

A cute twinkling snowman.

And here are the kids inspecting our work.....

Yeah! We did it!

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Mommy Brain said...

I love that Cliff can decorate outdoors in shorts. (Can you tell I live in the Northeast?) Such cute pics with Santa. Glad to see that mine aren't the only ones who make the elves work harder.