Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Wow what a Christmas!

Austin, being almost 4, had his most incredible Christmas yet. And his enthusiasm and imagination bled over to his 3 siblings. They had no idea about Christmas a mere month ago. Today, they are still talking about "Santa Coz" and saying "Merry Kisstmas Mommy!"

Christmas Eve I put out a few wrapped gifts from Mommy and Daddy and family we weren't seeing in person. I put them by the fire place behind a safety gate so that the kids wouldn't get into them. Austin managed to sneak a box out from Aunt Heather, Uncle BJ, and cousin Micah and open it before I even noticed. He quietly took it to their playouse and emerged in his new shirt.

Aunt Heather also picked out one of his favorite gifts. . . May I introduce a future Dr. Austin. Be prepared if you are coming to visit. After a thorough and sometimes rough exam he charges a $40 copay. Go figure.

Tyler's favorite part of Christmas was the food. Here he is gobbling up a pumpkin muffin. He also enjoyed Christmas Eve Lasagna and Paula Deen's Pumpkin Trifle.

John thoroughly enjoyed the Micky Mouse Clubhouse. He dances to the hot diggity dog song and has the whole intro to the show memorized. They'll have lots of fun acting out episodes.

Austin insisted the entire week before Christmas that Santa was bringing him a space station and a new Thomas the Tank engine. There was no space station, but Santa managed to get a Cranky the Crane under the tree.

Aunt Marjorie (Clif's sister) made everyone DVDs of photos that she had taken of us in 2007. Everyone enjoyed them and shed a few tears when the pictures of Clif's Dad and sister came up. Both have passed in the last couple of years.

It was a wonderful Christmas and we're looking forward to a great New Year. The holidays pass so quickly!


Anonymous said...

My eldest wanted to put the pressies out a day or two before hand I could imagine who would have gotten into them if we had - yes My Little Man
as it was I woke in the middle of the night (the very early hours of Christmas morning) and did it.

I wish I could come and visit Doctor Austin

Ah Tyler seems to love pumpkin as do I

cool crane

pleased you all had a wonderful day

jen at

Fabthemayor's oldest child said...

hey mrs. lynne. :]
its fabthemayor's eldest child.
i have poison ivy[as you already know]
does doctor austin make house calls???
if he does, all four of your babies must come to my house immeadiatly. :]]]]
lol jk
ily♥ :]