Monday, January 14, 2008

Art or Engineering?

Austin is going through some sort of developmental phase. He is having a rough time dealing with three mobile two year olds who consistently want to be like him and play with all of his "stuff". I've heard the word mine so many times my head could spin. And it usually comes out as a screaming quartet in our house. Frustration abounds.

When he is by himself in the afternoon, as his triplet siblings sleep, he is the most creative, sweet, well-behaved little almost-4 year old boy I know. He worked for 30 minutes on this creation. When he was nearing the completion of his project he announced that he was making me a bike.

I'm not sure if he things this is a piece of art or a real bike. In his mind I'm sure he envisions it working.


The Trier and Jen said...

wow hes been busy
its good for him to have some time alone to do what he wants to do
hopefully the triplets will continue having their afternoon sleep for sometime yet
Id be inclined to barrier off his room after that so he gets some time out from them


Anonymous said...

I hope this creativity and imagination continue. It showed up very early in Austin. oxoxoxoxox to Austin from NANA