Thursday, January 24, 2008


So here we are in the metro area of Atlanta, Georgia with 4 kids under 4 who have just discovered they joys of snowfall. Most of our discussions this week have been about snow falling, making snowmen, and snow melting.

This video shows the sheer delight as they experienced snow for the first time. It explains why all I hear about is snow and why they are still singing "Jingle Bells" at the end of January. They're quite smitten.

Snow Day in GA '08 from Lynne on Vimeo.

So around here the kids will do anything to simulate snow. The torn up Styrofoam from the piggy bank box being thrown all over the bedrooms - I can tolerate. Today's little experiment....not so much.

Around 4:30 or 5pm every day the environment in our house changes. Prior to this change there is a serene feeling. Three of the four are nestled in their cribs and older brother enjoys quiet time to himself. Mommy is very productive and when Daddy is home, he's in his office also being very productive.

Then it happens.

The environment gradually becomes more chaotic. If you call our house between 5pm and 8pm, be forewarned. You'll hear things that will make you wonder why we still have our sanity. It's not bad things, just things. Loudness. Singing. Sibling rivalry stuff. "He took my [fill in any object]." "I want to watch [Barney, Little Einsteins, Blues Clues, or Dora]". Over the last two months the volume has definitely increased.

Tonight was especially interesting. I usually get a request for Ovaltine (a chocolate drink). We call it that no matter what brand we get. Lately we buy the industrial sized Nestle Nesquik. Sorry Nestle, my kids call it Ovaltine. I made all 4 kids a Nestle drink after nap and they were off playing as I talked on the phone and started dinner.

The noises from the dining room playroom were very happy. John came running into the kitchen to report, "Mommy, we makin' snowman!" I replied "Ok". About 30 seconds later John appeared with a 2nd report, "Mommy, we makin' snowman!" This time his Ovaltine covered his face from his nose to his chin.

Mommy radar kicked in. Then Austin went flying by me, gave me a millisecond glance, and dove under one of the end tables. Ladies and gentlemen, we have now hit MOMMY DEFCON 1. Somethings up!

As I entered the dining room I saw two of my three boys covered in chocolate powder. Minutes prior Austin grabbed the industrial sized Nesquik can from the kitchen counter, [note to self: put it away immediately next time] took it to the playroom and removed the lid. They were grabbing handfuls of Nesquik and making it "snow".



FabTheMayor said...

Haven't you heard the saying, "Beware of brown (or yellow) snow"...Gotta love 'em!

Anonymous said...

Ooooooooh, No!!! Creative but messy..... NANA

MaryBeth said...

It always spells trouble when there's quiet here during those hours too! Funny, but I bet not fun to clean up...