Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Patience of a 4 Year Old

My mom ordered this Lionel train railroad crossing bank for Austin's birthday. It is something he really wanted and we knew when she ordered it that it would arrive late. The ad says that they won't charge your credit card until it ships. A couple of days ago she sent a message that it was on it's way. Without thinking, I said, "Hey Austin! Nana's present is on it's way."

The experienced moms know what has been happening ever since. The good news is he's not upset. Hes sill excited and we're getting a kick out of his imaginative ways again.

For the rest of the afternoon after my announcement, he went to the front door every hour to see if his package had arrived. "Mommy it's coming today!" I had to explain that it sometimes takes a few days or several days for a package to arrive after they send it. He has a memory like an elephant. Every morning he comes bounding down the stairs into our room and says, "Mommy! The PBS guy comes today! You think so?"

Apparently we watch too much PBS sprout. He's got the UPS guy confused with the PBS station.

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