Friday, June 27, 2008

A Little Confidence Goes a Long Way

In fact, it takes 2 minutes off of a 25 yard free-style swimming event!

Between the thunderstorms that caused a few fires from lightening strikes in our county, we had a neighborhood swim meet. And our four year old Austin had a blast! He was just as excited about the rain, Grandma, and the puddles as the swimming, so it was a banner night for him.

Austin has come a very long way since his initial swimming lessons last year. Last week we watched for 3 minutes and 1 second as our little 4 year old swam in the 25-yard freestyle. He spent about 30 seconds of that time trying to decide if he really wanted to jump in.

Tonight, he turned into a real swimmer. He in the first heat of 4 in the 6 & under categoy for 25-yard freestyle. We have a 5 lane pool and I think there were about 16-18 swimmers total. He came in 14th. If I had to be judged on the quality of the video, there's definitely no blue ribbon in my future with this video camera. Warning! You might get a little motion sickness watching this. I guess I got a little excited.

Austin's Second Swim Meet from Lynne on Vimeo.

That doesn't sound great until you hear his time. 1:04.26. He went from 3 minutes to just over 1 minute. We are so proud. Mostly because he was confident and had fun and stayed at the end of the pool to cheer the kids on in the next heat after his.

Tonight was team picture night with a pirate theme. And what 4 year old boy doesn't like pirates? He got to wear a pirate hat, patch and fake pirate tatoo. What a night for him. He was so excited about his "team". I can hardly wait for him to see his team picture.

Practice pictures - Austin with his junior coach, Mandy. She met him at the end of his heat with a ziplock back full of lolipops. She has a friend for life!

I have to add this special note to my Godmother Maxine: "Now how's that for getting pictures, text, and video out there for you?" It's your turn to figure out how to comment :-) Here's a little help.

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