Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Dining Room is Back! (almost)

Thanks to my friend Maria, my toy-filled dining room is soon to be a real dining room again! We are taking a trip soon and as soon as we get back we are bringing in the the dining room furniture that has been gathering dust in the basement.

Maria gave us this nice cabinet and many of the toys that were spread out across the dining room are now neatly tucked into this piece of furniture. All of the overflow toys are upstairs in the loft area.

We cleaned up the toys after the kids went to bed the other night. We wondered how they would react the next morning. Austin has a new habit of coming in our room around 6:30 requesting to watch Tom & Jerry on tv. The morning after we cleared the dining room he came in as usual and didn't mention anything about the empty room.

When we all got out of bed and went into the living room Clif showed Austin the cabinet full of all of his toys and he said, "! This is unbelievable!"

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Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

LOL oh bless his little heart