Sunday, July 13, 2008

What Happens in Vegas...

Gets posted on my blog! Well, most of it. We did so much I doubt I can remember it all.

You would think that a couple with 4 kids and a very NOISY household would pick a more quiet and serene vacation destination. Not us! We go to Las Vegas to relax. Sort of.

In about 14 days I am turning 40. If I stop to think about it I really can't believe it. I don't feel 40. My driver's license says I will be 40, so let's go with that. Age is relative, but milestones are a good excuse to celebrate.

A few months ago we were having dinner with two other families. Clif was discussing my upcoming day and somehow we started a plan for the six adults to go to Las Vegas. As the planning progressed, the triplets' physical therapist volunteered to watch our kids and the plan was set in motion.

We ran into major difficulties getting 3 sets of parents' schedules to mesh, so we planned the trip with one couple, Frances and her hubby. I cannot tell the story of how we got to the next step in the journey as well as she can, so if you are interested in how Steve got replaced with Julie read this account from my calendar-challenged friend.

Steve was replaced with Julie and her luggage that was "almost-over sized". The ticket counter proved to be interesting when the lady pulled out their tape measure. Julie didn't want to pay the extra money and was about 1/4" from it. Whew!

In the spirit of a short post and early bed time for me, here are a few photos and highlights.

Thursday - arrival. Clif gets a Limo (not much more than a cab in Las Vegas).

Friday - Tour the strip, shop for trinkets for the kids, watch Julie work as she shops and does sight-seeing, then see Jim Belushi. He is wonderful in concert. We were able to meet him and get an autograph after the show. Clif is a big fan of his show "According to Jim."

Saturday - We met up with my Grandmother's cousin. I'd be making things up to try to tell you exactly how we are related. We'll just go with cousin. She and her husband live there and were our unofficial tour guides that night. We were getting slap-happy from little sleep and had a great time. Julie and her husband had us in stitches with their dialog back and forth. They are both quick-witted and fun.

Sunday- We had officially switched from Eastern Time to Pacific time and had to get up at 4:30am to catch a plane back home. Uggghhh. I heard it from Clif for several hours. He kept asking why we had booked so early. We had to rescue the babysitter. It would have been cruel and unusually punishment to keep here here until Sunday night :-0.

The kids did really well. The babysitter did really well. We came home to a straight house, no injuries, and few complaints from either side. We'll call it a success. And a WONDERFUL birthday present.


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