Saturday, August 30, 2008

These are My Words...Humph!

All of our kids are ultimately entertaining these days. They are all unique in their own little way, but all just as funny.

Austin has started using his imagination with stories. He has always been creative and imaginative when he plays, now the verbal portion of his imagination is flourishing. Tonight he started a new thing at the end of his story. He either says, "These are my words...humph!" or "These are my questions!"

We went across the street to our neighbors' house this afternoon for a Saturday football gathering. All six of us went. They had a great time. Ellen their junior in high school has been babysitting for us some, so they were thrilled to go to her house and they love her dad Max.

We came home early to get them bathed and Clif went back over to watch some more games. Austin was fine with that until bed time. He proclaimed the following in a little story.

I'm going to Max's house. I'm going to have a sleepover at Max's house. And I'm going to watch football with Daddy and Max. I'm going to walk down the stairs, out the door and walk to Max's house all by myself. I'm going to walk in the door and go watch football with Daddy and Max. I need my pillow and my blanket and my clothes. These are my words. Humph!

And with these new stories come new words to the English language. Have you ever heard of an intestidor? That's what he is now. When we ask him to clean up he says with great emotion, "I'm an intestidor! I'm not a cleaner-upper. I'm an intestidor and a good cooker!"

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