Thursday, November 13, 2008

Subtle Reminder

Our preschool follows our public school schedule so when the public schools are out or have early dismissal so do we.

Since almost every hour of my day is accounted for these days it throws a wrench I my schedule. This week we have 2 early releases; yesterday and today.

They know us quite well and are always in wonder of how we manage things. They knew that I would kid around about 'forgetting' about early release. I told them yesterday that they had mistakenly put early release instead of late release. To make sure I remembered they gave me 4 flyers (1 per child).

Today I asked for white-out for the reminder flyers they were handing out. I was insistent that the 11:30 time should be 1:30. As I was getting the kids out of the car one of the teachers strategically placed the reminder.

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