Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It Keeps Getting Better

I can already tell that age 5 is going to be the most fun yet to parent. Austin will be 5 in a month. Conversations with him are priceless. He's always had a great imagination, but now he has so many words and thoughts, we are having some jaw-dropping moments. If I only had my full short term memory, I'd post more of these stories. This one struck me enough to stay in my brain long enough to post.

I was saying good night to John and Austin who were bunking together tonight. We usually stay in Austin's room a little longer and talk about his day and what we will do tomorrow and next week. It's our planning time together. Lately he has started sharing more about what goes on in preschool. We send all four kids to our church preschool.

We attend our local Methodist church and the preschool is excellent. This year his teacher is Miss Jennifer. I think he has a budding crush on Miss Jennifer because he talks about her a lot. All four of our kids are learning a great deal in preschool and have frequent conversations about religion. At this age everything we talk about is very high level and they don't even know what religion they are. We just know God and baby Jesus and the whole cast of the manger scene.

This all makes the story more intriguing for me. As we were talking tonight Austin said, "Mommy, Miss Jennifer is making cookies and brownies. She's making them to share with our whole class!" I asked what they were celebrating. He replied with great enthusiasm, "Hanukkah!" Aren't 5 year olds wonderful?

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FabTheMayor said...

Happy Hanukkah! and Happy Kwanza!