Sunday, March 15, 2009

Starbucks and Barnes & Noble Are My New Friends

Thank you to my wonderful husband who just said. "You need to get out of here today." I'm sure that I'll be returning the favor (he suggested as such), but for today I'm enjoying some good coffee, a quiet book store, and Moodle.

What the heck is Moodle, you ask? I work for a virtual school and part of my job (actually most of my job) is helping in the day to day facilitation and management of our learning management systems. Moodle happens to be one of the course management systems that we use. This is a two week class tacked on to my working duties and Mom duties, but I'm really looking forward to being on the receiving end of some instruction again.

I'm scheduled to take the next 2 classes in their series, so I'll have my nose to the grindstone even more over the next couple of months.

Wish me luck! The balancing act continues.

[Edited because I can't spell in titles - no spell check ;)]

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