Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sweet Slumber

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This is what happens to four little energizer bunnies when their batteries run out.

The last week has been a typical one at our house. There are always challenges. They are fussing and fighting and laughing and chasing and just being a typical family. This is the time of night that we can take a breath and stop the world from spinning.

It is always interesting to see how 4 kids so close in age transform. They have all changed so much in the past 6 months.

Austin is growing up so fast. He is learning so much and is growing into a sweet young man. He was watching me brush my hair Monday morning and said, "Mommy, I hope Lauren is as pretty as you when she gets bigger."

John is bursting with conversation these days. Tonight the boys were having a conversation about getting married. So far Austin and now Tyler have said that they are going to marry me. Tonight as Austin was telling Tyler that Daddy had already married mommy John said, "Mommy, you and Daddy are married and I'm going to have a rock star show and you are going to come watch me play rock star songs!" Earlier, he informed me of a shopping trip he was going to take. He said, "I'm going to get a race car and drive to Wal Mart. I'm gonna get milk, ovaltine, samwiches, peanut butter and j-e-l-l-y!"

Lauren has really turned into a sweet little girl (with occasional demonstrations of her strong will). She is planning on being the cheerleader for both of the boys' baseball teams this spring. She always gets a good report from preschool and is really starting to pretend with her dolls and the phone and loves to read.

Tyler...is a handful as always. He is having lots of trouble keeping his hands to himself at preschool and is not listening very well to his teachers. He's been informed by us that he had better straighten up or no baseball this spring. Yesterday he tried to bite Lauren in preschool and today he punched another child on the playground. When John gets in trouble at school he bursts out into tears when he sees me in carpool line. When Tyler gets in trouble he announces with glee that he got into trouble. We've got some work to do with him.

Ah...sweet slumber.


Anonymous said...

awww bless them all I espeially like the way Tyler is sleeping


Villagepig said...

I know I have said it before but I am always awestruck by your sense of calm. Just having 2 nearly-3-year-olds running around exhausts me!

I do so love the quiet peace which night brings (usually).


Carol said...

haha, why am I not surprised that Tyler would be so gleeful about getting in trouble?

Their little personalities crack me up :)