Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shoes Under: The Infomercial for Budding Organizers

We are winding down on a Sunday evening after a long day of cooking and laundry. The boys ended up on Fox Sports watching a half pipe competition. They were cheering the snowboarders just as much when they crashed as when they did triple turns in the air.

Then came the excitement. The infomercial for ShoesUnder™ came on and you would have thought is was a commercial for the latest preschool sensational toy. It kept the attention of my whole crew.

Tyler said, "I wish WE could have one of those to put our shoes in." As they went further into the video and showed kids putting it under their bed they were talking about it's ease of use. Tyler exclaimed, "That was easy! Let's get one."

Everyone else chimed in, "Yeah, let's get one! Please mommy, please!"

They hook 'em early don't they?

So if this looks like something you want to spend $10 click on the picture above and order one. Tell them a 3 1/2 year old recommends it. Maybe if you say Tyler sent you you'll get some bonus for just $19.95 (+S&H).

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