Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!

My babies are 4 and we are blessed. I'm still having trouble refraining from calling them, "the babies". I'm getting better. It is getting easier because they are all so different.

Every year we think back on this day with gratefulness. We are humbled that we were given three children on the same day. They were more tiny that any of us ever could have imagined. It took a long while to realize that we were the parents of 4 children. It has finally soaked in and we are happily busy.

It may sound crazy when you call our house. That would be because....well, it is. These three started out as helpless preemies that we had to leave in the hospital for 6 and 10 weeks. Those weeks seemed like years. Now, the last 4 years seem like weeks. The weeks are flying by and they are singing, dancing, playing sports, and fighting like every other set of siblings in the world.

Happy Birthday John!
You were baby A and now you are a funny, musical little guy with a sweet personality. You love your rock and roll and baseball and soccer and light up our days. You still have that little laid back personality with the steady progress you had when you were first born.

Every night John asks, "Mommy? Are we going to have breakfast in the morning?"

Happy Birthday Lauren!
You were baby B and now your are a sweet little baby-doll loving girl with a strong personality. You keep your brothers in line and are developing into a talkative little girl who loves to make up songs to sing to us and your baby dolls.

Lauren is up to 8 babies and would love to have several more. She has all but the 3 she picked out last night as her birthday present named.

Happy Birthday Tyler!
You were the surprise. We didn't find out about you until a week after John and Lauren. They watched you carefully the whole time. If some of those docs could see you now! You had to fight the hardest to get out of NICU and now you fight hardest on the soccer field and are asking to play football. Who would have thought you'd have the best memory of the 6 of us with all of the NICU interventions and medications!

If you need to know something you forgot, ask Tyler. That's going to come in handy as we get even busier.

So for any expectant multiple moms finding this post, take heart. Thanks to a log of prayer and all of the advances in medicine, preemies have a great chance.

From 8-16-2009

This is me a couple of hours before delivery on 9-26-05.
From triplets_birthday
John, 2lbs., 13 oz.
From triplets_birthday
Lauren, 1lb., 6 oz.
From triplets_birthday

Tyler 2lb., 3oz.
From triplets_birthday

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Marla said...

That is an awesome post! It made me cry. I really can't believe how big they are, but never had any doubt about Lauren's strong will......