Monday, September 21, 2009

Last Week Swine Flu, This Week Floods

We were feeling pretty spunky this morning. We have been hibernating for about a week recoverig from the flu. We had varying symptoms, all pretty mild, but this buggar is persistent. Clif optimistically left the house for a charity golf tournament and I had all of the kids ready to go to school. The bus never showed up.

You'd think a half-way intelligent human being would try to find out why. We had no internet service, no home phone service, and no tv (thank you Comcast bundle). My next door neighbor left the house to sub at the school, so what was up with the bus?

On the way to take Austin to school my brain finally kicked in and I called a friend who told me that there was no school. Are you kidding? It's only raining. Well, having spent the last week working and taking care of sick people, I was a little out of touch. Apparently, the metro area of Atlanta has seen 10-15 inches of rain in the last day.

We have intersections flooded, buildings flooded, retaining walls collapsing and people losing their lives. One woman, only a few miles from our house. Please pray for those directly affected.

If you Twitter, the hashtag is #atlflood.

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