Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Honey, Where's the Remote?

All of you wives out there will get this. My husband is like a good majority of husband's out there. The remote controls in the house are usually attached to his hand. He doesn't believe that, but it has become obvious as the kids have started talking. They say "Da Da" when they see or grab the remote. Coincidence? I think NOT!

A couple of days ago the remote in our bedroom vanished. He spent 2 days asking me where the remote was. For two days it was lost. You would have thought one of the kids was missing. He turned the bedroom inside and out. He got all of the dust bunnies out from underneath the bed and found some stuff that had been missing for a while. We found a baby bottle, some magazines, slippers, etc. No remote control.

On the second night he brought the remote in from the living room. Heaven forbid we have to get up and change the channel from one sporting event to another. Although, he also watches ER, Desperate Housewives, 24, and Brother's and Sister's. Don't tell him that I told you about Desperate Housewives. And, honey, if you're reading this post, I guess you'll have to start your own to tell stories on your wife :-)

During the 48 hour "missing remote period" he even accused me of hiding it on purpose. I guess when I made fun of his anxiety at losing the remote, he got a little peeved. Any guesses where he finally found it? It ended up in the outside pocket of his portfolio-style briefcase! He has no recollection of putting it in there. I assume he fell asleep with it in his had and dropped it in as the briefcase was beside the bed. Hmmmm.

This is one of those things that we can now blame on being triplet parents. How long can we get away with that excuse?

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