Saturday, February 17, 2007

John's First Smile

~A picture from 11/2005.

This sweet picture (the printed version) was in a stack of pictures in a cabinet. There aren't many printed pictures of any of our kids. The printed photos sit nestled on top of the back-up CDs of our digital life. There are several thousand digital pictures. Does this make them less special? Maybe. Going through the sea of digital files can make your head spin. It's harder to pick out the special ones to keep in a box or scrapbook. For those of us in the Geek Club, the manipulation of digital files is a rush.

As I pulled this out of the cabinet, it took me back to the whole NICU experience and the joys of the day he came home. He spent his time in the womb in the "microwave" section. Lauren and Tyler needed 4 more weeks to "cook" before coming home.

It's amazing how different a set of siblings can be. Even more amazing to some is how different triplets can be. John is such a sweet spirit with an analytical mind. He studies every gesture his siblings make as they fight; um..disagree over toys; no, fight. His feelings get hurt so fast these days, but he has a plan. After the sour face, quasi fake cry, and thumb shoved in the mouth, he usually gets picked up by someone. He's no dummy!
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