Friday, February 16, 2007

Pretty In Pink

Lauren looked so cute in this outfit I just couldn't resist posting a picture. She hasn't worn it and we are having a bit of a cold snap, so this was our chance. Austin had his 3 year well-visit today and Lauren tagged along to get a weight check. My little sweet pea is still a baby pea. She entered the world as a micro-preemie (1lb., 6oz., 12 1/4 inches long). As of today, she is 18lbs., 5 oz. As the biggest eater of the bunch, she will catch up soon.

The growth charts stayed the same for Austin. He's growing right on target for him. At the 2 year visit, he was 25% height and 50% weight. Ditto today. He is so easy to be proud of. He's a very inquisitive little guy. The doctor got 20 questions about all of her tools. And what a polite little patient. He politely thanked the doctor at the end of the appointment with no prompting. Some of it really is getting through!
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