Sunday, February 25, 2007

Potty Party

He's finally getting it! Over the weekend our 3 year old was saying "I go potty!" and actually meant 'I need to go potty'. This usually means 'I already went potty...just thought you'd like to clean up some poo poo or pee pee.' He kept dry underwear all day, which included a trip to Clif's brother's house (about an hour away).

Potty training his has been the toughest chore of parenthood for us because the triplets were born when Austin was 20 months old. It's hard to pay attention to everyone, every moment in time. Today is a great example. In the midst of our cheering and celebrating our big boy initiating going to the potty without being prompted, he got too excited to remember to shut the door behind him. Mommy and Daddy got too excited to double check him. You can guess what followed: P O T T Y P A R T Y ! ! !

Lauren was trying to climb into the dishwasher as I unloaded it (a favorite game of all three little ones). At the same time I noticed her pants were wet before she got on top of the door, Clif was saying, "They've got pee all over them!"

All three boys were in the potty...literally in the Winnie the Poo potty chair. Lauren had made her escape toward the dishwasher after crawling through the spilled pee pee. Austin had decided to clean up with toilet paper. He finished off by wrapping about 1/4 of a roll around his hand and wrist and taking off on his tricycle.

John, Lauren and Tyler are fascinated by their big brother doing anything. And this potty thing, well that just really cool. I'm hoping this translates into them wanting to train earlier. Wishful thinking...I know.

This photo was taken yesterday. Milton Berle said, "If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?" This might be one of the last pictures of this mommy holding her triplets. They're now about 65lbs. total. Most days I could use more than two hands!

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