Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Train Crazy

All 4 kids at are house are train crazy. The leader of the pack is big brother Austin. Last year he got a well deserved trip to ride Thomas. After the triplets came home, he needed occasional one on one Mommy and Daddy time. We're contemplating taking all 4 kids this year to "Day Out With Thomas 2007". That trip did wonders for Austin's imagination.

Ever since he rode Thomas, he makes everything into a train. He still plays with toy trains, but now every set of chairs, or even pots and pans become a train. Today our bulk shipment (still using 15 diapers/day which warrants buying in bulk) of diapers came and every box was part of the train. The outer box was the engine, a bag of wipes was a car, an opened diaper box was a freight car, and the unopened diaper box was the caboose. He kept insisting that Tyler or John sit in the freight car.

What fun! We love watching his imagination go crazy.

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